Virginia Commonwealth University

Media Art & Text Ph.D program


The MATX program at Virginia Commonwealth University is designed for those who hold a master’s degree (MA, MFA or MS) in a relevant field and who wish to expand their research and creative or professional practice. Emphasizing innovative, original scholarship and cross-disciplinary interaction, the program trains students in both traditional and new research methods.

MATX photo 4Course work and research expectations are rigorously academic, and there is a strong emphasis on writing throughout the curriculum. For those whose backgrounds are primarily creative or professional, the MATX program provides the opportunity to add scholarly, historical and/or theoretical dimensions to established practice.

Although there are opportunities for studio work and professional development, the degree requirements are those of a traditional research PhD in the humanities or communications. MATX is unable to provide studio or exhibition space. Students are encouraged to seek out opportunities for collaboration at VCU and in the wider Richmond arts community.